About this site and its creator.

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What is this site about? Well, did you ever want to share your dreams? Or read other peoples' dreams? Do you think there are patterns in your dreams? Or that you can predict the future with dreams? What are dreams? What do your dreams mean?

Browse the dreams, or search for sepcific keywords in dreams using our specially built map.

A word from the creator... of the site.

creator of this website, George Butiri This site came to me in a dream, coincidentally. I wanted to share my dreams and just couldn't find any medium, other than the typical social networks, blended in with everyone else's daily lives. It just didn't make sense to me. So, I thought, I'll just make a blog about my dreams. Then, I started wondering what it would be like if there was a place where everyone can list their dreams, and what if there was a map that showed where the dreams took place, and what if some of the dreams were similar? So many questions. I had to build the site.

The first version of the site was a wordpress site, but because of the lack of performance, I decided to re-build it several years later to what it is today. A simple, direct approach to a list of dreams.


George Butiri